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"I am very impressed with this place! Just as we were getting ready to pull onto the Interstate, leaving Lincoln around 3:30 p.m., the serpentine belt broke! I drove a mile or so to the closest gas station; no power steering, the battery light was on and everything was going downhill.

My insurance company called for a tow (excellent towing company, too!!) and we went to The Auto Connection. This was already after 4:00 and they close at 5:00.

The employees at The Auto Connetion were SO nice‚Äďall of them! They checked the Blazer over and luckily it was just a pulley with bad bearings and the belt. Even though they were busy and it was almost closing, they fixed my vehicle so we could be on our way home!

Thank you to all of the people at The Auto Connection! I recommend this place to everyone!"

-Facebook Review

"The guys at the Auto Connection are a class act. They went above and beyond in a situation that was very upsetting to me. They were so helpful, professional, and seemed to really care that I had ended up with a vehicle that was not worth repairing (and not paid for). When I determined not to have any more work put into the car, they even took it off my hands (one less hassle for me to deal with). Pete was especially caring and helpful. I highly recommend this place for service, and I also would buy a vehicle from them."

-Yelp Review

"I got an oil change there .Inspection for free they where fast and friendly honest very good work very good work I recommend anybody that is having car problems just need an oil change I recommend the auto connection very good customer service very good people fast and convenient .very nice location very nice display inside . I even got a flower from them That made my day Thank you ,The Auto Connection, and yelp"

-Yelp Review

"Bought a used car for my son there. An inexpensive good car that over a year later is still serving him well. Fast friendly service."

-Google+ Review

"Friday we brought our 91 light blue Caddy' Deville in to see why we had a puddle of oil on the garage floor. In a short span of time, you handed my keys back saying the filter was loose, and you had tightened it. When I asked what I owed, you said I owed nothing. When I think (I am by profession a historian) of what our country used to be in terms of service between he who gives and he who receives, and in terms of the economic condition we find ourselves in today, I am astounded that you give service reminiscent of the "good ol' days". Days of when a man's "word" was his bond, as was his handshake, seem to have disappeared, but not in your place of business. You did not even charge for labor. It would not have been a big bill under any circumsatance, but freebies, no matter how small, do not exist anymore. Masumi and I thank you for starting out our Christmas weekend with great holiday spirit. We do hope that you are repaid in some manner by others for the kindness you extended to us. We hope you have a great New Year."

- K & Masumi Appleget

"They do a really good job! They call you if there is any change of plans for your car, truck and minivan. They will tell you the estimate of the cost as well! Time is always important, and they'll let you know how long it is going to take. I highly recommend The Auto Connection!"

- Yahoo Review

"I have taken my car to the dealership in the past to get repairs and routine work completed and they have totally jacked up the price and sent me out with a laundry list of "repairs" that I needed to do. I really think that some places try to take advantage of females, but not The Auto Connection. The staff is very nice and honest. They completed the work in a timely fashion and explained in detail what was wrong with my car. They treated me with respect and did not try to talk down to me or "scare" me with things that need to be fixed. I would totally recommend this place to everyone. Their prices are reasonable too!"

- YellowPages Review

"Thank you for your commitment and your honesty. The service you provide is beyond comparison! The Cirrus is working fine now!"

- Jacqeus of Lincoln, NE

"Great Service! I have had these guys do spark plugs and oil changes for me in the past. I recently took in my truck and told them that the exhaust manifold was cracked (this is what a different shop had said was wrong) and I wanted it replaced. 30 minutes later, they called me back and said the problem was actually just a small tube that had rusted out and the whole repair would be less than half of the original estimate. They could have easily done what I asked and made more money but instead they went out of their way to save a lot of cash."

- Google+ Review